4 pc Chocolate Box by Chocolat de Kat

4 pc Chocolate Box by Chocolat de Kat

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This chocolate gift box contains 4 handmade bon bons by Chocolat de Kat. Each one a thin shell of white, milk or dark chocolate that gives way to a soft, melt-in-your-mouth, caramel, ganache, gelée or praline centre.

CDK starts with the best ingredients and applies ridiculously high standards to the entire process to create little orbs of joy that taste even better than they look. 

Delicate chocolate shells give way to luscious melt in your mouth fillings made with tasty nuts, vibrant fruit purees and farm fresh dairy.

This box contains: 

Raspberry pistachio
Key lime pie
Salted caramel

Because we use fresh ingredients and zero preservatives, our bon bons are best eaten within 2 weeks of purchase if kept at room temperature.
Beyond 2 weeks, some of the flavours will lose their brightness. All chocolates may contain traces of nuts. Although we do our absolute best to prevent cross-contamination, this product is made in a facility that processes nuts, dairy, eggs and gluten.